Ken Allen

Damn Good Mardi Gras

It’s the annual Mardi Gras Damn Good Blues Hour this Sunday night. Stuffed full of beau coup blues and other related noises like The Doctor, The Professor and The Fat Man. Pass a good time this Sunday night at

Damn Good New Old Blues

This week’s Damn Good Blues Hour is new blues from old blues men, old blues from new blues men and new blues from new blues folks. This Sunday night at 9 with your host Ken Allen  

Damn Good Muddy & Wolf

On The Damn Good Blues Hour we’ll be featuring a set with guys who played with Wolf and Muddy plus a couple of the younger guns.  This Sunday at 9pm with your host Ken Allen.

Damn Good Valentines Blues

Valentine’s Day is coming and so is the annual Damn Good Blues Hour Valentines Day show. Including songs about wet matches, jelly, pudding and 10-inch records. This Sunday at 9pm with your host Ken Allen.   

Damn Good Blues Stew

This week on the Damn Good Blues Hour it’s a mess o’ blues stew with ingredients that might surprise your blues-buds. It’s all tasty. This Sunday Night at 9 with your host Ken “Salty Suds” Allen.  

Damn Good Future Blues

On this week’s Damn Good Blues Hour, it’s a few more songs left over from last week’s best of new blues 2018, show plus a look at where we might be going in the blues-verse in 2019.

A Damn Good New Years

It’s the annual best of new blues show on the Damn Good Blues Hour, this week. From some new blues folks to the usual suspects, there was a lot of great new music this year. The 2018