INFO: Here’s How to Stop Your Phone from Auto-Correcting the F-Word to “Duck”

Here’s a minor inconvenience that might be driving you nuts.  Does your phone ever auto-correct the F-word to the word “DUCK”?  A lot of phones do it.  But there are two easy ways around it . . .

Someone on Instagram said they got around it by adding a new contact to their address book . . . and typing the F-word into the name field.

They gave it a first and last name . . . “[Effing] [Eff]” . . . so it would also stop auto-correcting to the word “ducking.”  So that’s one way to do it.  But there’s another way that also works on most phones.

On an iPhone, just go to Settings . . . General . . . and find your Keyboard settings.  Then click on “Text Replacement.”

It’s a feature that lets you create shortcuts.  Like if you type, “omw” it’ll change it to “On my way.”  But for this, enter the F-word as the shortcut AND the full phrase.

Android phones can do it too.  Just go to Settings . . . Language & Input . . . and find a feature called “Personal Dictionary.”  (Men’s Health / Macworld / Android Authority)

(If your iPhone has the newest version of iOS, you might not need to do anything.  They apparently fixed it, but not all iPhones support the newest version.)