FOOD: Can You Turn Potato Chips into Mashed Potatoes? A Viral TikTok Says Yes

Can you turn ANY form of potatoes into mashed potatoes?

There’s a viral TikTok video right now where a guy makes a batch of mashed potatoes out of Lay’s potato chips.

He dumps several small bags of Lay’s into boiling water, stirs them up, and once they’re strained and cooked, he tries a bite and says they’re DELICIOUS.

The people commenting on the video aren’t so sure . . . most of them think it looks REPULSIVE.

The chef of a Michelin star restaurant in England even weighed in, quote, “It looks like sludge and it’s obviously not good mashing all that frying oil into your food . . . 10 out of 10 for lockdown innovation, though.”



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