Happy Birthday to Reno’s Own Avenger!

Here is an official Happy Birthday to you; Jeremy Renner from… The Lunchlady (which is my silly radio name, I”m Martina Davis, charmed I’m sure.) 

Ok… so it’s not really a secret that I have become completely obsessed with Jeremy Renner, in truth I already was. Hawkeye has been my personal favorite Avenger since the first time I saw him on the big screen dawning leather, a bow, and arrow just like Daryl Dixon (bless his heart too). That was long before he “came out” as a Washoe County Resident, and it seems he did just that to use his celebrity and some of his Avenger money to make a difference to some local folks, where we call home too.

It’s worth noting he’s also a Rockstar. Well, his first love was music here is something he did recently.


Seriously though, we have all seen his name in the local headlines since last November. His face pops up in my timeline, and my heart gets a little bigger for him every time. The man has seen Reno’s most vulnerable, and gone right into action to make things a little better for them. This has inspired a chain reaction of good deeds in Reno, and we truly need those around here lately. Renner is becoming a regular in Reno’s give-back community, just last month volunteering with Harvest for Hope and the Reno Hope Bus to help feed and clothe homeless people in downtown Reno. Jeremy I see you even when I don’t see you…with your random anonymous acts of kindness around here! 

If you’d like to follow in Renners footsteps, The Reno Hope Bus is doing amazing things including raising funds for a portable shower for the homeless in Reno to be able to get a much needed shower, among other things. You can help them reach their goal of buying that by March 2020 by giving here. 

So when I googled his name to find a hot pic to post with this birthday wish, this shot from Walmart in Reno was the best… don’t you think ladies?

Pic courtesy YouTube

For that I say… Thank You, Happy Birthday, and Call me 😉


Martina Davis

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