DISCUSS: Is This Hack for Folding Fitted Sheets Brilliant or Just Lazy?

In the divided world we live in, there’s still one thing we can all agree on.  The hardest thing you’ll ever have to learn in life is how to fold a FITTED SHEET.  So is this hack brilliant, or just lazy?

Someone on Twitter came up with a way to NEVER fold a fitted sheet again.  Instead of keeping your spare sheets folded in a closet, just put ALL your fitted sheets on your bed at once.  Then remove the top one when it’s dirty, and start using the one underneath it.

Some people think it’s gross because you’d sweat through the first sheet, and the one under it would still get dirty.  The other flaw is you’d have to wash all your fitted sheets together every time, so you could put them all back on again.  Meaning you might have one or two dirty sheets balled up in a corner for a while.