Happy News Restores Reno’s Faith In Humanity!

Lunchlady Martina Davis here… who else finds such stories as these lol. On this day, John Lennon’s birthday, I cant “Imagine” what better Happy News i could find. Actually, I am always on the hunt for Happy News, and yesterday I hit the jackpot on the Ellen show.  Perhaps you’ve heard the story, if not… watch the video below and get back to me 😉

I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine, who has different beliefs than I do, about how we can disagree and still like each other. Love each other even.   Mind you I know bringing up certain topics can start a disagreement, even a heated argument at times. Yet even then, we can hear each other out without shouting or insulting each other. We can respect one another, and agree to disagree.

Most people agree that dogs are man’s best friend.  Yet some folks find cats to be the superior companion. Like Ellen says.. Be kind to one another, and that means everyone. This story restores my faith in America AND humanity as a whole. 

Bravo Ellen!

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