Reno! Do You Play Air Guitar Like These Champs?


credit: airnest productions ltd. & air guitar world championships


On Friday, August 23rd, a new Air Guitar World Champion was crowned in Oulu, Finland. Oulu has hosted the competition for the last 24 years.

Rob Messel The Marquis from the US left all the other competitors in the dust, claiming the 2019 title.

Oulu, Finland is known for holding wacky contests like wife-carrying or sitting on ant hills naked. (You couldn’t PAY me to sit butt naked on an ant hill!) But while some people might scoff at the idea of dressing really weird and pretending to play the guitar in a competition, the 20 contestants who strutted their stuff in Finland take their skills very seriously.

Some of the contestants poured ketchup over themselves, while others tore their clothes off or tried other gimmicks. In the end the judges were looking for superior axemanship, and realistic fretwork. The winner Rob Messel says” the air guitar is a blank page and you can do anything with it.

Seriously I felt I commanded the air guitar world while playing to Deep Purple’s Highway Star and watching my reflection in my parents patio doors…..I was a teeny rocker at only 13. Many commuters have been seen pounding the steering wheel as they do a drum battle with themselves on Pyramid Hwy or headed south on 580. How about you? Does rock music entice you to get physical?