Ozzy Talks To Reno About Sobriety, Geezer Butler And Zakk Wylde

January 17th 1989, Lawlor Events Center. “No Rest For The Wicked Tour” Ozzy Osbourne and Winger. Prior to the show Ozzy stopped in for a live “on air” interview with Max Volume. Ozzy talked about getting sober, getting healthy and playing live. He reminisced about Black Sabbath, having Geezer Butler in his band, and talked about new guitarist Zakk Wylde. Here’s the interview:

Here’s the set list from that night:

  1. I Don’t Know
  2. Flying High Again
  3. Mr. Crowley
  4. Shot in the Dark
  5. Bloodbath in Paradise
  6. Guitar Solo
  7. Sweet Leaf
  8. War Pigs
  9. Tattooed Dancer
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Fire in the Sky
  12. Miracle Man
  13. Suicide Solution
  14. Iron Man
  15. Crazy Train


  16. Bark at the Moon
  17. Paranoid

    Max Volume had former Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee on his show. Hear Jake E. Lee’s Interview!