Alice Cooper Turns 71 today (Feb 4th) He’s Still On Tour, Still Making Music

Vincent Furnier a.k.a. “Alice Cooper” Turned 71 years old. Still on tour, still relevant, still making music. His last album (a 2 cd set) “Paranormal” was a huge success. It even spawned a “Paranormal Live” double album  too! Paranormal even featured two new songs with the original Alice Cooper Band, and a live concert. Alice Cooper craftily blends theater and music together to bring a unique show to the stage. His current band featuring local boy Chuck Garric on Bass guitar, Ryan Roxie on guitar, Nita Strauss on guitar,  Tommy Henriksen on guitar, and Glen Sobel on Drums, make for a powerful force. Here’s an interview Max Volume did a ways back where Alice told some great stories:

Here’s the song “Paranormal”

Here’s a song from the album called “Fireball”

Max had Rob Halford of Judas Priest on the show last Summer and talked about the band’s Reno memories