Reno’s Recycled Records Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary!

40 years ago a kid from the midwest came to Reno, and bought a used record store on South Wells Avenue. In time he would move the store to South Virginia and Kietzke. Then to Kietzke and Moana. He even opened second stores in Sparks and at the University. Then one day Recycled Records made it’s home in Reno’s adventurous and eclectic Midtown district. He made friends with other business owners and dug his heels in deep. 

Recycled Records has been the embodiment of community. It’s a business that’s tied itself to locals and the events, fund raisers, and drives. It’s been the place where you could buy music from local artists or tickets to their shows. Their staff of colorful characters are never short of passion or opinions about music. With a current renovation of Virginia Street’s infrastructure, it’s important that we all support the businesses that are the heart and soul of Midtown Reno.

Paul called in on Max Volume’s show to share the details of the 40th Anniversary FREE concert/ bash Friday night at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor on Wells Avenue featuring Reno legend Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds) and UK chart toppers The Alarm. Hear it here:

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