Tina takes her 1st cooking class in Reno

I decided to take my 1st cooking class EVER….now let me tell you, I know how to cook.  I can boil water, butter a piece of toast and boil a hard boiled egg like no one’s business! LOL.  No seriously, this class blew my mind.  I never realized the way you cut a vegetable could affect the way it tastes and cooks!  What knife to use and how to use it properly!  We made a “fancy” meal, that would have been $$ had you eaten it at a restaurant.   I made it all by myself 🙂    There is another techniques class coming up on October 16th, sign up for the class and join me!

I can’t wait to cook a special meal for my hubby!  Check out the video below, they have a retail shop with so many items for your kitchen! they cater and have a deli that serves lunch!