Huge Reissue Of Beatles White Album Will Stun Reno!

Hi! I’ts Max Volume. As a little boy I had received The Beatles “White Album” as a Christmas present from my Grandma in Dec of 1968. In the Fall of 1969 my Father (Ralph Bailey, Chief Deputy Coroner of Los Angeles County) got a phone call from Vincent Bugliosi  (Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney). Mr Buglioso was concerned about the correlation between the Beatles “White Album” and the Manson Family murders. 

The Beatles song lyrics (“Piggies” and “Helter Skelter”) were scrawled in blood at the Tate/ LaBianca murder scenes, prompting an inquiry into the band’s music. My Father asked if I had a copy of the album. I said yes. He told me he needed to borrow it, and take it to work. It would be a long time before I got it back. On  Jan. 19th 1971, The White Album was played in court during the Manson trial for the murder of  Sharon Tate. Jurors listened intently in order to ascertain if the Fab Four had messages that would back up Manson’s claim that the band told him to do it. 

2 years after that, my Father brought my album home. It was still in the large manila evidence envelope. I didn’t exactly race to play it. Matter of fact it would be years before I played it. I still have it. 

Upon the 50th anniversary of the album’s release, fans of the Beatles will be excited to know there are actual new Beatles songs which not everyone has heard. A slew of demos and out-takes along with a remastered versions of the albums original tracks. Expanded art work, stories and even a hard back book are available in the several editions of it’s reissue.

Enjoy the video: 


Rock on trial didn’t stop there. Judas Priest went on trial in Reno, Nevada over their music. Hear the story from Rob Halford, front man and vocalist of Judas Priest HERE