Max Volume Talks About Weed

I can remember the way it was. Weed was illegal. A single pot seed could send you to prison. I got pulled over once, right in front of my girlfriend’s house, taking her home on a Friday night. Apparently, the officer told me I’d made an unsafe lane change. I told him that this was my girlfriend’s home and could she please be allowed to go. He relented and she went inside. Her Father stood on the porch staring at me in disgust, while the entire block of Sparks suburbia was illumined with the flashing red and blue lights, amidst the occasional drone of a communique from dispatch blaring out of the speaker. 

I had long hair. I was driving a Firebird. The officer asked me to step out of the car and conducted a field sobriety test. I passed because I only had one beer the entire night. Yet, for some reason he felt it necessary to search my car. Although I knew the car was clean, there’s always a chance that a friend you gave a ride to may have left something. Another patrol car showed up and the three of them tore my car apart. 

They found nothing. I was humiliated in front of the entire neighborhood. My Girlfriend’s Father told me I was not allowed to see her anymore, and added “she can do better than you,” and “we don’t need your kind around here.” It was all my fault for having long hair and driving a Firebird. One of the Cops let fly a remark which led me to believe they were so thorough because they knew I was a Dj on the Rock station. A pot bust would make the news, and they’d be famous. 

Nowadays fast food restaurants have to post signs pleading customers to not smoke pot in the drive through. Nowadays buying weed is just part of your Saturday “to do list.” Get gas, get groceries, get weed. Instead of some bogus dirt weed you now have your choice of select strains. I know connoisseurs who pride themselves in their stockpile of herb (not unlike that friend with a wine cellar). 

CBD’s are healing people. The happy plant has been broken down into all it’s components. All it’s properties. Find out more right here: the anatomy of cannabis It’s absolutely amazing that Autism and ALS (along with so many other diseases and conditions) are being treated with components of cannabis.   

In the old days, scoring weed was a job. It was hard work. You had to know a lot of people to find good weed. Weed back then was predominantly what we’ll call “Beer & Wine” grade weed. Today’s weed is Liquor grade. Some of the Indica out there is like taking a hit of acid (LSD) or so people have told me….

We all want to get mellow and chill. To relax. Stress, pressure, and anxiety kill people. We all want to escape once in awhile. To re-boot your system. To step out of the circle and look back in. Whether you drink or smoke, socializing can come along with partaking in mood and mind altering substances. The rule I learned to live by was “party when you have something to party about.” 

A victory. A job well done. A goal accomplished. Some achievement to celebrate. Ok, the weekend is a good place to party. Every day drinkers & smokers should be a red flag to themselves. You need your wits and senses to be sharp. You need to take care of your body. The wise one’s say it’s a temple. Moderation.

If you wake up to the bong, it’s no different that waking up to whiskey. Just because weed is legal doesn’t mean it’s breakfast. I can honestly say that nothing really bad ever happened when I was stoned. I may have made some bad gastronomic choices (once I got the munchies), or I may have dressed myself in some weird groovy clothes, but nothing really bad ever happened. I never got behind the wheel and tried to drive. I stayed home and watched cartoons or played guitar. 

Nothing happened. 

Nothing at all. 

I missed so many opportunities. Blew so many chances. Forgot a lot of stuff. Matter of fact I’d like to say that pot heads usually forget what they were talking about halfway through a conversation. I spent a lot of time scoring weed and smoking weed, which ultimately led to me playing a lot of guitar. Ok, so that’s not terrible, but if I’d spent as much time on goals and opportunities as I had scoring weed, I’d be filthy rich. Yet being rich to me is a lot of things besides money. 

Respect the weed, respect the booze, but remember to respect yourself. When I became a Dad, the world changed. I was always judged for having long hair, and I didn’t want to be the stoned guy in the emergency room when my kid stuck a crayon up his nose. So, when i became a Dad, I laid off the weed and the booze because my kid might need me… to be on top of my game. It’s like this; a drunk driver will drive right through a red light, but a pot head will sit at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green. Never get behind the wheel when you’re high or drunk. Be on top of your game.  

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