Do You Think Folks in Reno are Stupid? Tennessee Has Us Beat! ‘JESUS told me to let go of the wheel’: As God is My Witness…There Are People Stupider Than Us

via Pixabay

According to the Herald Courier, a 33 year old man from Maryville, Tennessee heard the word! He says that God spoke to him and and told him to let go of the wheel of his truck. Chad England was driving down the road when he says that God told him to let go of the wheel. He did and his truck flipped 5 times.

He hopped out of his truck and started running away. He was speaking in tongues while running.

The police determined that he was on drugs and charged him with driving under the influence and felony possession. They should have also charged him with being Stupider Than Us!

I feel stupid all the time, but as God is my witness, there are people out there stupider than us!

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