Marijuana Dispensaries Add To Reno Home Values

Talked about this on the Local’s Only Morning Show today (1/18/18). According to The Cannabist, homes in Colorado near a legal dispensary saw their values increase by an average of a staggering 8%, which is a LOT when you consider the baseline home value in a state like California or a place in the Bay Area!

While the study was relatively small, based on info from only one metro, the results could have some value should they be indicative of what happens to real estate in states where medicinal and recreational weed is sold.

Frankly, being a father of four I’m not sure I’d want a dispensary next door to the Safeway near my home in Sparks, even if it DID help increase my home’s value! I’m not big on the de-sensationalization of the dangers of Marijuana on the developing brain when it comes to kids and teens.

Is convenience really that important to a home buyer that they would spend more just to own a home closer to a ‘pot pad’?

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