The Most Googled ‘Why Do…’ Phrase In The State Of Nevada

Ever Googled ‘Why Do Dogs Lick Their Butts’ or something else even weirder? You’re not alone! Google can be a treasure trove of information, or a time sucking, rabbit hole, time wasting exercise that leads far away from your initial search! The folks at Mental Floss recently released their list, by state of what ‘Why Do…’ phrase we tended to Google the most!

Some of the more interesting findings include:

CALIFORNIA– ‘Why Do Flies Like Poop?’

SOUTH CAROLINA– ‘Why Do I Sweat So Much?’ (humidity and heat anyone?!?)

FLORIDA– ‘Why Do I Feel So Alone?’ (too many retirees?)

COLORADO- ‘Why Do My Boobs Hurt?’

Here in the Silver State, we share ‘Why Do Dogs Lick?’ with Oklahoma and Alabama! 

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