Google is 19 Today, So She’s Still Using The Fake ID

 Betcha Didn’t Know These Randoms……but I bet you could google it 😉

For starters, Google is celebrating its 19th celebrating in the most Google-y way possible — by releasing a special Google Doodle, which I must admit is damn cool to fiddle with,  it has a game built into it. Users can spin a wheel to open one of 19 surprises Google has launched over the years. Pretty cool indeed However I found some random facts I didn’t know I thought you would also find kinda entertaining. To commemorate the Tech giants Big 19, here is a few things i bet you didn’t know… 

  • Google employs more than 72,000 people.
  • Google is named for the number “googol,” which is the numeral one followed by a hundred zeroes. (according to Sheldon Cooper)
  • Google was started in Susan Wojcicki’s garage. Wojcicki is now CEO of YouTube. Be more like Susan Wojcicki. 
  • Google’s head of artificial intelligence doesn’t think you should worry about a coming robot apocalypse. Yet. 
  • Google started playing elaborate April Fools’ Day jokes on April 1, 2000. The first joke was the MentalPlex hoax, which invited users to let Google read their minds. 

There is my fave randoms about Google, who I’d like to thank for making everyone a genius. (or at least get factstheir straight) If you’d like to find more… well just Google it. The possibilities are infinite. 


To see the ultimate prank pulled by our very own prankster Jave Patterson from the Locals Only Morning Show here.