Tahoe Tessie Promises To Do More Lake Monster Stuff!

In a rare public appearance, Tahoe Tessie addressed the crowd at Kings Beach on Tuesday, May 16th. “I’m back” she said with a wistful smile, “and I promise this will be a very busy year!” Citing 4 years of drought keeping her in the deep recesses of Lake Tahoe, she said “I’m free! I can hit every beach this year!” Around Tahoe Tours CEO Chris Talbot offered up his take “Tessie is happier than I’ve ever seen her, I know with the drought she kept busy playing Pokemon Go on her phone.” 

“I’ll be terrorizing the innocent Villagers in Incline, making show stopping appearances during Shakespeare at Sand Harbor, licking invasive species off boats and watercraft, protecting Emerald Bay from Riverboats and generally having big fun!” She spent the better part of an hour taking selfies and answering questions with the adoring crowd.

Bob McCormick is the author of: The Story of Tahoe Tessie: The Original Lake Tahoe Monster

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