Mother’s Day At Mama Davis’s House

I had a pretty great weekend and a damn decent Mother’s Day as well. In case you didn’t know, I am the “boy maker” with 4 sons and 3 grandsons to my credit, and one sweet granddaughter. I have been pretty lucky in the daughter in law area, and thankfully they are much more thoughtful gift givers, being women and all 😉 (not that I’m biased lol)

I was able to spend the weekend with about half of my kiddos, which isn’t half bad in my family (anymore and the cops get called), and did get calls from sons not attending. We had a great dinner party, watched movies and hung out, and in the morning I was showered with gifts! My little one wrote me the sweetest letter appointing me the “best cooker ever” and it was actually legible and spelled almost right (he is only 7, not like his big brothers who sometimes can’t even spell their own names) plus, I got the sweetest photo book ever made, with pics of us together all thru the last year, flowers, chocolate, and smelly good lotions. Thank the heavens for my Daughter In Laws!

Mama Davis and Dimebag Cheryl

I hope the dear daughter-in-law’s like me as much as I like them, well at least most the time 😉

I am a lucky Mama and Nana too!