Springtime In Reno… To Plant Or Not To Plant, And When.

Growing up in Northern Nevada, specifically in Incline Village, knowing what to plant and when was always a bit of a tricky guess, especially if your trying not to be a plant murder like I usually am- lol.

Generally, gardeners in Northern Nevada face 3 challenges: climate, soil and water. The key is to select plants that tolerate those conditions. If you have lived here any length of time, you are more likely to be familiar with what works and what doesn’t. If your just beginning at gardening or are a plant murderer like me you might need some direction here. So, here are a few tips I’ve come to know…

  1. Actually, gardening up at “The Lake” is pretty simple. Many plants and flowers grow naturally in our beloved Tahoe area, like the not so delicate “Snow Flower”.

Pic via YouTube

You have to have spotted this surprise popping up through the snow (picture above), if you’ve visited the mountain area about this time of year. Suffice it to say, we don’t need to add much to the beauty of Tahoe. When I lived up there we had many rose bushes and petunia beds to add a little more color.

Pic via Pixabay

2. Here in town, we generally know that certain plants will not be able to handle the late spring frosts that are inevitable, so area natives usually know what to go with for their flower beds. Roses are very sturdy in our climate and covering them during a spring frost helps them survive.

Pic via Pixabay

3. Bulb perennials like tulips, daffodils, lilies, freesia, gladiolas, iris, and more can be planted to bloom at different time’s trough out the year, so you always have a surprise blooming under your kitchen window.

4. As far as getting those annuals in the ground, or when to start your vegetable or herb gardens, the “Locals Only” rule of thumb is to keep your eye on Peavine Mountain, when ALL the snow is melted from the top of Peavine, get your planting on! Otherwise your garden could look like this…

Pic via Pixabay

5. I have found a great resource in our region from the experts at Moana Nursery and their “High Desert Gardner” expert tips and info, for all various corners of our Northern Nevada’s varying terrain. I am not the “plant murder” I used to be, but I’ve gotten a little better each season 😉

Happy Gardening!

Your Lunchlady,


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