The “Neutral” drop off point

The other day I saw a couple meeting in a parking lot to exchange their child. Often times counselors will recommend that while excercising visitation rights that a divorced couple meet in a neutral spot so a parent can give their child to their ex. You’ll see the backpack filled with toys, clothes and other essentials. You’ll see hugs and tears. Separation anxiety sets in. Two people who loved each other so much, they brought a little baby into the world, now share custody of a beautiful little soul that loves both Mom and Dad.  A neutral spot works. Oftentimes emotional attachments can trigger deep feelings at each other’s residences, so neutrality softens the blow.

Oftentimes a crowded store parking lot with video surveillance is picked. This puts at ease any claims of poor behavior or angry displays. It always hurts to see the sadness of two people who couldn’t get along. It’s two people trying to raise a child in two different homes. Mom and Dad both love their child so much, but couldn’t get along. No egos, no mean spirits, just love the baby. She will always be their Mom, He will always be their Dad. Rising above to do what’s best. Being parents and loving the child, showing compassion and respect for each other.

Sometimes Parents may need some extra help with their kids in school, these people have tremendous resources: Communities in Schools