Shopping- This man’s nightmare!

I had a Sunday all to my own, and decided to go shopping. I need new shoes, pants and shirts. Most Men aren’t good shoppers. Men are good buyers. Ask for a water pump for a 289, get a water pump for a 289. Look for pants, shoes, shirts? That requires patience and focus. That requires trying things on. A pair of pants marked 34/ 34 may not be 34/34. You find varying degrees of fit. A pair of  shoes labeled 12’s may not fit your width or toes. You have to try them on. The rack that says “all items 50% off may not have any tags at all on the the shirts. 50% off what? Most stores I went to had absolutely no one to help or answer questions. When all the blue jeans are piled in heaps with no organization in mind it will take you all day to find one pair of 34/34 501’s. Store after store had the shoes I wanted, but none in my size. Ask for someone to look in back? Ha ha ha! Ladies, we want to look nice, but shopping is hard work. I could have stayed home and played guitar. 

Shopping is really hard with no money: The poorest town in Nevada