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Jim McClain Bio

BIO-James A. McClain



Born in Great Bend, Kansas and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jim McClain was destined for the United States Marine Corps after high school graduation. After a tour and half in Viet Nam, he found himself in a hospital. 


While in Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA., Jim made the acquaintance of a fellow patient who was going to a local broadcast school. Instead of kicking back and being a patient, Jim decided to also attend The Bill Wade School of Radio and Television Broadcasting. Several years later, he found himself playing radio at a Sacramento, CA. radio station. Jim had some good fun for a couple of years.


A lot of trees, a couple of rivers and a good university was all Jim needed to call home. Sacramento seemed like that place. And that’s when Jim’s radio career had a hick up. Young, restless and still searching for whatever, he decided it was time to return to school and The University of California, Sacramento was the place.


Completing his Bachelors and a thesis short of his Masters, Jim got the urge to play radio again. While working on his thesis, he enjoyed a part time gig at a local radio station. That escalated into a full-time on-air position. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a chance to move to Reno, NV to help build a young radio station. He could always finish his Masters work later.


For over 30 years, with the exception of a couple of years programming a radio station in Portand, OR., Jim has entertained listeners and programmed radio stations in the Reno area.   Almost 20 of those years, Jim has been fortunate enough to work for Lotus Radio Corp. and 105.7 KOZZ. His partnership with Steve Smith has been both fun and educational.



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