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TV and Christmas

Is anybody watching &#!@ My Dad Says? It may be the worst sit-com ever made. But I have seen every episode this season. It’s got to be some compulsive masochistic thing. I watch the whole thing daring it to make me laugh. And it doesn’t except it manages to eek out one snicker from me once during an episode. So I watch the next week daring it to make me laugh again. The kid who plays Shatner’s youngest son is just terrible! No sense of comedic timing. Shatner at least has some timing. The whole thing is just bad except for a couple of supporting actors like the older son and the gay housekeeper. Why am I watching this &#!@?!!
The funniest thing on TV is still The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He makes me laugh consistently every episode. If you go online, look for the episode from the presidential election with John McCain wandering around the Town Hall debate setting looking for his dog Puddles with Snausages.
Best. Holiday. Movie. Ever. Bad Santa. ("f me santa") Oh and best holiday TV show. South Park’s Mr. Hankey’s Christmas. Seriously. Poo singing Christmas songs. Awsome!
Happy Holiday’s
Does anybody read this stuff?

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02/24/2011 11:36AM
TV and Christmas
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