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Ken Allen

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Shut Up!

Apparently I’m high strung. Who Knew?
Photos of Bin Laden. Don’t need to see ‘em. If you want gore, pick up the Rolling Stone that has the cover of Adele on it. Scary article inside about rogue soldiers in Afghanistan shooting and mutilating Afghan farmers. With photos. Not pretty.
Controversy about shooting an unarmed Bin Laden. About 3000 folks going about their business in New York on September 11th 2001, we’re (mostly) unarmed. Shut the F--- up! Sometimes the left wing really pisses me off. Peta too. And I’m a Demo.

By the way, that’s my new catch phrase…”Shut The F--- Up!” But I’m not high strung. Just big boned.

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Locations : New York
People : Bin Laden

05/06/2011 4:13PM
Shut Up!
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