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Sex r Us?

So let me say up front that I am a Democrat. Not easy to say in a building full of Republicans (except for Steve) and yet here I am. Though I am a Nevada Democrat. Which means I like guns and I think the Dems in California have gone way too far. But a Democrat still. I supported Sen. Reid. And I still do but Harry coming to the legislature and suggesting that legalized prostitution is going to be the downfall of Nevada and business will not come here because of it just rankled me. Mostly for all of the reasons you’ve heard about yourself:

It’s cleaner and safer than that business being done out on the street, these girls pay taxes, and the brothels themselves pay taxes to the counties they are in which is the only way some of the rural counties can operate.
So I thought it was very interesting when the news said that Toys r Us is moving their distribution center to Nevada. Not just Nevada but the Reno Tahoe Industrial Center which, if you know, is also the general area that the relocated Mustang Ranch moved to when it was bought by Lance Gilman, who also owns the industrial center.
This is Toys r Us who’s image is synonymous with children. It kind of throws Harry’s whole theory out the window. If a high profile retailer is moving to the very area that a “house of ill repute” functions in then really, what is to stop other companies from moving here Harry? Really?

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04/22/2011 2:13PM
Sex r Us?
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