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Rolling Stone-Really Jan? Really?

The bad guys are winning. Japan melts down due to Energy suits not wanting to pay to update the nuclear plants, big banks refusing to loan money to smaller banks so they can make loans to smaller business so they can hire people, no money for old people and school kids and to pile on to the misery, Snookie is on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. AND I just saw a new copy on Max’s desk of Howard Stern on the cover. WTF? Really? The cover of Rolling Stone is/was supposed to be an indication of the Next Big Thing or an homage to a musical or cultural great. But now we have some societal sycophant who’s only claim to fame is being on a TV “reality” show being while being guilty of extremely bad fashion sense, a hair-do that a nest of small rats are probably very happy to be living in and a skin color that makes it look like she just came back from a vacation at the gate of the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant. I have a co-worker that watches her show and she said she is really a good person because she does work for Diabetes and Animals. OK but isn’t she just looking out for herself? The way she looks she’s bound to get diabetes and animals are the species she is actually related too. If she is an indication of being the Next Big Thing or where this society is going, then we might as turn over the planet to the cockroaches. We are doomed! Then Howard Stern, Really? What has this self aggrandizing idiot done lately? Nothing that you will hear about unless you pay for satellite radio. That’s his whole shtick now. “Come pay for me!” Well, it’s not working. He was almost kicked out of that gig because the swarms of people they were expecting to pay to hear Howard didn’t move to pay radio for more of his crappy attempts at humor. So why are Snookie and Howard on the cover of Rolling Stone? Is it because it’s the End Of Days and it’s one of the Seven Signs of The Apocalypse? The Bad Guys are Winning.

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03/18/2011 12:08PM
Rolling Stone-Really Jan? Really?
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03/18/2011 1:45PM
rants = good
ken allen is the COOLEST! I, Melody, agree w/the whole rant! but Snooki doesn't have an 'e'. & you deem yourself part of the media?!?
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