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With the lowest personal and corporate taxes in the U.S., Nevada would be swimming in jobs if lower taxes really did create more jobs. We would be freakin’ swimmin’!
Does anybody care about Barry Bonds anymore? The dude roided. Ok. What next?
How is it that what’s going on in Japan isn’t at the top of the headlines anymore. They are spilling out radiation at an incredible rate and it’s not on the front page anymore? What is even more astounding is that we only gave a cursory look at our own nuc plants and moved on. Doesn’t it require a more in depth and sustained look as to where the U.S. is in nuclear plant safety?
Some food can’t be eaten in Japan. Water has been poisoned. People’s lives have been up ended possibly forever and we aren’t looking harder at our own plants? Why is that?

Is one reason that General Electric (a builder of nuclear plants here and around the world) is a partial owner of NBC and the corporate office probably has a huge say as to what Brian Williams can and can’t report on? That explains NBC, CNBC and MSNBC and their cable stations but how does it explain ABC, CBS, and CNN, (I wont list Fox News since they really are not a legitimate news network. And that, my friends, is a subject for a whole other blog.). But with corporations owning other corporations and it’s almost impossible to keep track of who owns who, it wouldn’t surprise me that those networks have been corporately compromised too. As Lennon said “just give me the truth. All I want is the truth”
One more little nugget, how did the Republican Party get middle class America to attack itself? Talk about class warfare.

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04/14/2011 5:18PM
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