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The pros and cons of leaving Christmas lights up year round.

So let me say I’m not one of those people that looks forward to Christmas starting in February. The religious part of it has no impact on me. I’m not much of a “Peace to All. Goodwill towards Man” or what ever that saying is, guy. And as far as presents go, I’m at that stage in my life where I have pretty much everything I want. (if you don’t count wanting an IPad and a Verizon IPhone) We have a house, 2 cars, our dog, each other so I’m good with that. So if I leave my Christmas lights up year round it’s not because I’m fixated on the holiday. I just like the lights.
I like they way they give an aura around the house. It’s makes it seem safe and more welcoming. So if I leave them up will I become a pariah in the neighborhood? Do I care? Our house will stick out in July when the automatic time turns them on at 8pm when the sun goes down. But I’ll like it. Is it any different than having those motion activated floodlights come on when a leaf blows by? We bought LEDs last year so they wont cost very much to run. So what if I leave them up.
But being a social animal like most of us and not wanting to incur even the self imaginary wrath of my neighbors or be thought of as the crazy or lazy old guy in the house in the middle of the block, I’ll probably take them down again this year. But next year I might put them back up in September and call them Labor Day lights and just leave them that way until this time next year.

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12/30/2010 12:11PM
The pros and cons of leaving Christmas lights up year round.
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