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Does any body know why the Kardashians are famous? OK so Kim made a sex tape (which I have seen a short clip of…my review…not as good as say Paris’s or even the TV reporter that gets jiggy in the satellite van) and boom she is a celebrity. But why? Is she an actress? A pop star? A politician? The only talent I have been able to perceive based on the short clip of said sex tape is a better than average ability to________. (fill in the blank based on your imagination). She is attractive but so are hundreds if not thousands of women in Hollywood. So if that is the qualification for fame, how did here family get involved?

OK Bruce Jenner was a famous Olympian as a decathlon gold medalist. But the rest of the family?  BTW, if Jenner has any more plastic surgery, he is going to look like Joan River’s only slightly younger brother. The dude’s face looks like it’s going to split, it’s so tight.

What about the sisters? Who are these sisters of Kim’s? I have no idea. A couple of them a kind of attractive but one of them looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet.

So I see these chicks everywhere. They have their own reality show, They had a debit card based on them with outrageous fees attached. Why? Is it because they know how to shop and that is their true avocation? Are they pantheons of the banking industry? But people watch the show and got the debit card. I just saw on Yahoo that they have just released their family holiday photo. They look more like the cast from the 80’s prime time soap opera Dallas than any thing else. None of them look happy. Why is the American public so fascinated by these vapid and shallow people?

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02/24/2011 11:35AM
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