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McClain! Monday- Friday 5a- 9a!

The Jim McClain Classic Rock Morning Show! M-F 5-9am!
Click here to read Jim McClain's Bio

Martina Davis! Monday- Friday 9am -3pm

Martina Davis serves up your "3 on the Z" like no other "Lunch Lady" can 

Max Volume! Monday-Friday 3pm -7pm

Max Volume! Max has the "Workforce Free Ride" all request M-F from 5p -7p! Plus, there's prizes! Click here to read Max's Bio!

Alan Bruce! Monday- Friday 7p- Mid M-F

Alan Bruce!

Ken Allen! Monday -Friday- Midnight to 5 AM

Stay up with Ken weeknights!

And then on Sunday Nights at 9pm it's the Damn Good Blues Hour.
This week on the Damn Good Blues Hour we will start it off with a set of guitar greats, celebrate Albert King’s birthday and have a little sugar at the end as a treat. Sunday night at 9pm.



Deidre rocks KOZZ on the weekends and fill ins!

Rich West! Weekends

Reno Radio Legend Rich West Rocks Your Weekends!

Pam Farris

Pam Farris! Weekends and more...


dOnnabud, a kauai girl, diggs spinning phatt alOha vibz into your rOckin' whirld.  like a happy weed, she could pop up in any slot, from early morning to late night.

Rick Metz

The "Saxman", a.k.a. Rick Metz is on the air on KOZZ! See Rick playing around town with his bands!

Jason James!

Jason James Rocks The Weekends!

Kenny Rose- Saturday Nights

Kenny Rose lays down the soundtrack to your Saturday Night Party! Yay Kenny!

Dj Spock! Weekends!

Late night Dj Spock keeps the Rock Rollin'


Dj Clint D!