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Coffee Madness

So over the holidays my mother in law bought us one of those Keurig coffee makers. She has had one for a year or so and swore by it. I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t think it would make a decent cup of Mocha like I get at S______s. I have for the past few years been a S______s addict. So much so that I was one of the first people to be invited to get their “special members club” card. And then the recession hit and we had to cut back but we had an espresso machine at home and I found that I made a pretty decent cup of mocha at home cutting down on the cost but not, unfortunately, the calories.
Starting last year I decided I needed to lose a lot of weight and started cutting back on all of my favorites, pizza, fried chicken, white bread. You know all the really good foods and my home made mocha's.
But Mom in Law bought us the maker and it came with a sample pack, which had some hot chocolate in it. I started adding that to regular coffee and it was passable but still not up to my “particular” standards.
Apparently I have a compulsive personality (who knew?) and I started buying coffees, untested, by the box load, thinking that because they had chocolate or fudge flavoring in them that they would be close to that perfect cub of mocha. Not quite. My wife and I just kept buying these different k-cups. She was looking for the perfect chi tea. I was looking for mocha. So after a lot (and I do mean a lot) of trial and error (lots of errors) I have finally found the right combination of chocolate and coffees and I’m pretty good with it.
It doesn’t cost very much and these things are only 60 calories compared to two to three hundred calories for the store made stuff. But as a result of all the trying of various k-cups we have about a thousand dollars invested in these little cups. They are stacked up in the garage and have taken over the counter space in the kitchen.
But I was thinking, if I get a machine for work I can sell some of these k-cups to folks here at the station and get some of this cash back. It’ll be Ken’s Koffee Kart in my office. Lots of varieties, cheap.

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01/21/2011 12:05PM
Coffee Madness
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01/28/2011 11:42AM
$1000 could be spent on a lot of stuff- how about a years worth of water for the staff at the station!
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